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    Disposable Recyclable Cubicle Curtains

    Our disposable recyclable cubicle curtains are made of  a non-woven polypropylene material that may be disposed of or recycled after use. NO LAUNDERING NECESSARY! Polypropylene is a lightweight plastic resin which makes it ergonomically superior for change-outs.  The material is also extremely hydrophobic which helps to resist staining and provide a clean environment. Available with or without an anti-microbial that is impregnated in the material, these curtains are a inexpensive way to provide patients and staff with a safe, clean, and attractive environment.  Standard sizes include 144″ and 240″ width and can be cut to 99″ or less in height.  Standard colors are Cream and Summer Blue.  Please click on the images to the left to view colors more closely.   We also offer custom colors and sizing.


    QuickSnap Disposable Recyclable Cubicle Curtains

    QuickSnap design for faster change outs!  Our QuickSnap design allows for quicker change outs and, in most cases, eliminates the use of a ladder!  The bottom portion of the curtains is easily detached from the top mesh portion and can be disposed of or recycled. Then replacing the panel can be done in a matter of minutes!  These curtains are offered in the same solid color and sizing as our traditional disposable recyclable cubicle curtains.  We also can create custom colors and sizing at your request.

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