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One Size Fits All

Our new lnnosnap design allows you to order and stock a one size fits all cubicle curtain. The panels and mesh snap together. No special tracks are required.

customizes to any ceiling height

Each lnnosnap panel is 60" wide and the mesh comes in a variety of drop-length to accommodate any ceiling height. We will help you with these measurements.

Saves Time & Money

The lnnosnap curtain panels can quickly and easily be changed as a regular scheduled change out or after the discharge of a contact precaution patient. These panels can then be recycled.

smart and easy
Innovative & cost effective

lnnosnap curtains are an innovative solution and cost effective way of providing complete privacy to each patient while giving your facility an exceptionally clean feel.


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We are passionate about working with hospitals to reduce cost and improve the the quality of care.

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We take pride in creating positive working relationships that benefits the hospitals, staff and patients we serve.

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We will help you create an environment that is clean and calming.

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We standby profits for a purpose and do what we can every day to help others with their medical needs.

Profits for a purpose


Dollars Donated to Aloha Clinics


Curtains donated to red cross


Curtains donated to hospitals

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Recyclable InnoSnap Curtains

This Innovative design allows your hospital to stock one panel size for your entire facility. Simplifying inventory and ensuring the correct size curtain is placed in each room during change outs. The detachable mesh eliminates the need for a ladder in most areas.

Reusable / Washable Curtains

We offer a wide variety of custom prints and exclusive fabrics. All curtains are sewn with the highest quality of stitching and highly durable for industrial laundering.

Shower Curtains

Offering a wide variety of shower curtains including recyclable, disposable, nylon and thick vinyl shower shields. All of our shower curtains are extremely durable and come in a variety of colors.


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